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The Relevance of Music

Posted by [email protected] on March 22, 2013 at 2:15 PM Comments comments (0)

Music, like speech, laughter, crying, spirituality and a number of other human experiences (but fewer than one might think) is universal and is not bounded by nationalities or ethnicity and such. Music can touch a newborn baby. Western culture has made music a commodity, yes, and currently, musicians are encouraged to concentrate on writing hits rather than writing songs. But I believe that people still know, without being told, on a deep level, what is good music: it is, simply, music that moves you emotionally.

Usually, it's music that makes you feel good and when you feel good, you're less likely to do the things that you're inclined to do when you don't feel good. In my own music, I consistently try to be a purveyor of positivity: there are certainly things that I stay away from in my music and performance because it doesn't fit with my self-image and the image that I want to portray to the public. But I have no problem with those who perform what I do not. Music is a very large boat and there is room for all.

Now, people love to see other people doing something, almost anything, well, and music is one of those things. It's why we still go to concerts instead of watching our mp3 players play music. It's why we go to a NASCAR race or to an NFL game or any number of things: it's more fun, and there's cache in saying that you were there when such and such happened. I wish I had a dollar for everyone I've met who was 'at Woodstock'. But, what does music offer us today, in this day and age of smartphones, FB, Instagram, personal computers and increasing isolation in the midst of a crowd? It offers a reassertion of humanity, it says, "I am human and so are you. I am not a file or an icon or a dialogue box. I am real, I can feel, I can be good and I can be bad, but most of all, I can be something to you, and you and I can be something together."

Music is the glue that holds us together and the magnet that pins our memories to important events in our lives. Music is far, far more important to our emotional well-being than Western culture would have you believe and it is an art which we should not take for granted nor let fade away. When we start ignoring live music we're only steps away from turning our cultural growth over to Microsoft, Apple and Intel.